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Getting Your Puppy / Kitten Off to a Good Start

At Vetcetera Pet Healthcare Centre, we are dedicated to ensuring that every puppy or kitten gets off to a healthy start in life. Anytime you adopt a new puppy or kitten, you should plan to have their first vet visit with us at our Schuykill Haven clinic within about a week. Your pet’s first visit allows us to check their overall health and set them on the path to a happy, healthy life. Here’s what to expect on that first vet visit for your puppy or kitten.

Preparing for a Puppy or Kitten’s First Visit

If you have any paperwork with your new animal, whether it’s from a breeder, a pet store or a rescue clinic, be sure to bring it with you. This lets us know whether your pet has had any of their first rounds of shots or any other concerns we should be aware of.

Keep in mind that a first visit to the vet is a brand-new experience for your puppy or kitten. This can be stressful for them, with all the new smells and especially the noise from other excited animals. We ask that you keep your new puppy or kitten in its carrier until we get them into the exam room.

The First Vet Exam for Your Puppy or Kitten

Your first vet visit will involve a full nose-to-tail examination of your puppy or kitten. First, the vet will watch the animal for a couple of minutes just to see how active, playful and inquisitive they are. Then, they’ll conduct a full exam that involves the following:

  • Examine the mouth, teeth, ears and eyes
  • Feel the lymph nodes, joints and skin
  • Listen to the pet’s heart and lungs
  • Palpate the abdomen to check internal organs

Blood and stool samples may be collected during a first vet visit, in order to check for parasites. We will also discuss a number of things with you regarding what happens next in pet’s life cycle. This conversation will include the following:

  • Vaccination schedules
  • Yearly flea, tick and parasite medicines
  • Microchipping
  • Spaying or neutering
  • Annual dental cleanings

Depending on the age of your puppy or kitten, their first vaccinations or other medications may be administered during this first visit.

Contact Vetcetera for Your First Puppy or Kitten Visit

We look forward to meeting the new puppy or kitten being welcomed into your family! Contact Us to schedule your first puppy or kitten checkup today.

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