In Home Pet Euthanasia

Vetcetera is able to provide in-home pet euthanasia for those that need it. This allows us to provide a needed service in an environment that is much more comfortable for your pet and your family during a difficult time.

Pet must be current on rabies and proof must be provided in the form of a current rabies certificate.
Please note: rabies tags ARE NOT proof of current rabies vaccine.

Pet parents often have many questions about the in-home euthanasia service. A few of these questions are answered below.

How soon can I schedule the in-home appointment?

Vetcetera is a single doctor practice, and Dr. Gloates sees both well and sick pets at our physical location. With this in mind, we may not be able to schedule an in-home euthanasia on short notice. Ideally, euthanasia house calls should be scheduled 5-7 days in advance.

We also understand that pet’s in ill health may be declining quickly, requiring an appointment to be made sooner. In these instances, we may need to schedule the appointment for before or after our regular office hours. Scheduling before or after our office hours allows your family to have the necessary time to grieve before Dr. Gloates will need to leave to make previously scheduled appointments at Vetcetera’s location.

I want to make sure my family is comfortable. Can we keep the lights low?

We do encourage you to choose a place in your home that is comfortable for your family and your pet. While we understand that you may want a quiet and somber atmosphere at this time, please understand that the doctor needs adequate lighting to perform the procedure and may request for additional lights to be turned on in the room during administration of the injections.

How does the euthanasia process work?

When Dr. Gloates arrives, he will explain the process to those that are present for the appointment so that everyone knows what to expect. First, your pet will be sedated in order to help them relax, and free them from any pain. Once your pet is in a steady sleep, they are given a second injection which allows them to pass peacefully.

Through this process, we take many steps to maintain your pet’s comfort, and keep the process as painless as possible. Although some natural reactions in the body may occur, such as muscle twitching or release of urine and feces, there is often no sounds from the pet as they are sedated through the process.

What happens after my pet has passed?

After your pet has passed we may take your pet with us depending on the after care you selected. Aftercare options include:

  • Home Burial
  • Private Cremation (ashes returned to you)
  • Communal Cremation (no ashes returned)

Please note that if the pet is large (50lbs+), Dr. Gloates may need assistance moving your pet to his vehicle.

If you’ve selected cremation for aftercare, we take your pet to the Pet Morgue until they are ready for cremation. Your pet will be handled with care and dignity throughout this process.

Items you may want to consider having with you...

Many pet owners want to do whatever they can to make their pet and their family comfortable during this process. To help with this, you may want to consider having special items set up in that space, including:

  • candles
  • special readings
  • music

In Home Pet Euthanasia Request Form