Advanced Diagnostic Equipment

We provide equipment that enables us to give more efficient and less invasive care to your pet. To better understand your pet’s condition we will video probe and monitor what’s going on inside your pet’s body and receive digital X-rays from our Updated Laboratory. Read about some of the equipment in our hospital and how we use it to benefit your pet below:

Blood Pressure Measurement

Our Parks doppler blood pressure machine is used for monitoring our patients under anesthesia. It can also be used, painlessly and simply, in conscious dogs and cats to monitor and track hypertension.



Two ECG units are available. These provide:

  • Monitoring while under anesthesia
  • Diagnostic ECG readings that are forwarded via phone lines for same-day review by a cardiologist


The Tonopen is a digital tonometer. This device measures intraocular pressure (the pressure inside the eye) which is the way we test for glaucoma. This instrument is digital, painless, and provides accurate diagnostic readings.

Glaucoma is a disease in which the pressure inside the eye gets high. There is constant production of fluid inside the eye, and it normally leaves the eye thru drainage areas at the same rate it is formed, thus maintaining a consistent pressure. If the drainage areas are blocked for any reason, then the pressure can increase rapidly in the eye. Glaucoma is common in certain breeds of dogs, especially Beagles and Cocker Spaniels. If it is detected very early, it is treatable. However, if the disease goes undiagnosed, it can lead to permanent blindness. It is vital to have such technology available for our patients to ensure the most accurate diagnosis we can.


Digital Radiology and Digital Dental Radiology

xray of cat's stomachOur x-ray equipment provides excellent quality radiographic images. Generally results are ready for review within 30 minutes. Some patients may require sedation for radiographs due to factors such as temperament, positioning or pain.

Our clinic is also equipped with a state-of-the-art dental x-ray unit for taking images of the teeth and jaws in support of dental procedures.

radiography machine

Digital Ultrasound

JPI’s Blue ultrasonography is a portable and durable instrument that was specifically built for use with companion animals and equine applications.

The Blue’s image quality is comparable to, if not superior to, that of larger, more expensively branded devices.

Doppler ultrasonography and high-resolution imaging are also available.

This device delivers enhanced frontline imaging that can assist with both urgent diagnostic needs and routine treatments.

Veterinary Video Otoscopy

The video otoscope, an exciting development in diagnostic capability, was first introduced in 1997. Vetcetera invested in this equipment and their staff veterinarians have attended advanced training in otitis to maximize patient care.

With a docking station in each exam room, veterinarians can pass a small tapered probe into a patient’s ear canal and have the image magnified 27 times onto a screen for examination. The fiber optic probe provides 150 watts of light at the tip, offering a much clearer view of the ear drum and deep ear canal than can be achieved with a standard otoscope. Pet owners can also view the picture on the exam room video screen and better appreciate the diagnosis and recommendations made by the veterinarian.

Not only is the scope used in diagnosing ear pathology, it is unparalleled in what it offers in treatment accuracy and precision. Connected to a device called the “Earigator,” the instrument allows for deep flushing and drying of the ear canal, while watching a clear real-time image on a video monitor. Often the ear drum cannot be evaluated until a deep ear flush to remove wax and debris has been performed.

vet video otoscopy

Polyps In Cat’s Ear vs. A Healthy Ear Drum

Within the probe is a 2 mm working channel so instruments can be inserted into the canal. The scope can be used in the ear canal to remove a foreign object, curette out a wax ball, biopsy a tumor or flush and culture the middle ear. Pictures can be taken and downloaded into a patient’s file or the procedure can even be saved as a video.

At present Vetcetera is the only practice offering this technology in Schuylkill County.

polyps in cats ear healthy ear drum