Our Updated Laboratory

Our updated laboratory allows us to evaluate the internal organ function of our patients. This is very useful for:

  • Assessing internal organ function and acquiring baseline data in our well patients.
  • Diagnosing and monitoring response to treatment in our ill patients.
  • Evaluation of our patients prior to anesthesia to assess anesthetic risk and allow us to tailor an anesthetic protocol specific to the patients health status.

Lasercyte CBC

The Lasercyte CBC machine allows us to get very accurate red and white blood cell counts and platelet counts. This is important for detecting infection, inflammation, anemia, and platelet problems that may lead to bleeding, It also gives us a count of each different type of white blood cell. This information is a very useful aid in diagnosing specific illnesses.

The Vetlab Station with its touch screen ties all the laboratory equipment together putting all the information on one report and saving it to a computer.

Catalyst One Blood Chemistry

The Catalyst One runs blood chemistry. This allows us to check internal organ function. This includes evaluation of the kidneys, liver, pancreas and blood proteins. It gives a good overall picture of internal organ status.


This simple machine allows for accurate and consistent results when reading a urinalysis strip. It reads each area of the chemistry strip at the precise time and calibrates the color change for the color of the urine taking out any subjectivity. It allows us to check a urine sample for evidence of infection, kidney disease, diabetes, liver disease, etc.

Snap Pro Electronic Testing

The Snap Pro allows for patient-side diagnosis of some diseases within 8 to 10 minutes. It also records the results electronically assuring information is not lost.

Blue Ultrasound

The Blue Ultrasound is a compact ultrasound device that offers excellent doppler ultrasonography and top-quality imaging.