In-House Lab & Pharmacy

STEM CELL Therapy Laboratory

resized_250x187_ph_BloodMachineWe use our own in-house lab resources to secure rapid diagnostic information.

These lab resources include:

  • Idexx in-house blood machines for fast, accurate and comprehensive bloodwork values Read more…
    • Critical patients
    • Wellness testing
    • Pre-surgical/Pre-anesthesia evaluation
  • Cytology
  • Dermatology tests
  • Fecal exams (performed by the gold standard method: centrifugation)
  • Feline leukemia virus / feline immunodeficiency virus virus
  • Heartworm / lyme / erlichia
  • Urinalysis

Idexx Diagnostics processes the majority of our lab work, generally providing a 24- to 48-hour turnaround time.

Other veterinary laboratories that we may call upon include: Cornell, University of Pennsylvania, the Pennsylvania state lab in Harrisburg, University of Minnesota, University of Wisconsin, and the Texas A&M University.


ph_pharmacyOur fully-stocked pharmacy can provide for most of your pet’s medicinal needs.

In the pharmacy at Vetcetera you will find:

  • Standard medications
  • Nutriceuticals
  • Flea and tick prevention
  • Heartworm prevention
  • Prescription diets (special order may be required)

For your convenience, these needs can generally be fulfilled during your visit. Pharmaceuticals may also be ordered online with delivery arranged right to your door.

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